Wanting to Row While Visiting Regina?

We love to have visiting experienced rowers come down to the club and row when they are in town. Please contact us at rrc@sasktel.net and we can get you out on the water.

Are you a member of Rowing Canada through another rowing club in Canada?

Yes – your insurance is paid already, we just need a waiver signed to go out for a row.

No – you will need to pay the $20 RCA fee and sign a waiver. Please complete the waiver and forward to rrc@sasktel.net, then print and bring it with you when you come down to the club prior to rowing.

Here is the link to the waiver:

Are you looking to row for 1- 4 weeks?

Yes – you can join in with one of our group rows and row during those times. Our Club Manager will give you those times. We will charge $10 per week if coming down for more than a couple of rows when in town.

No – if you want to just come out for one or two rows and you have your insurance and waiver, please contact our Club Manager to find out the group times. If you have any questions, please contact us at rrc@sasktel.net .