Regatta Logistics

Travel Information

The RRC hosts the annual Western Canada Championship in Regina. All other regattas are out of town. Consequently, competitive rowers may travel on many weekends from the end of May to October. Information on race schedules, travel, and accommodation for specific regattas is posted at the boathouse and distributed by email in the weeks prior to the event; however, the following general information applies to all regattas we attend.


All members attending an out-of-town regatta will be assessed additional fees to offset costs for attending the regatta. These costs may include, but are not limited to entry fees, scratch fees, boat transportation and/or rental fees. In addition, junior-aged rowers will be required to offset chaperone costs. All fees will be determined by the Parent Coordinator, in consultation with the VP of Finance, and coordinated with athletes by the Club Manager before every out-of-town regatta. Fees must be paid in advance of the regatta.

Non-Competitive & Learn-to-Row memberships may not compete in any regatta including the Western Canada Sprints Regatta held in Regina unless they upgrade their membership. These members may upgrade at any point in the season to a competitive membership by paying the fee difference including fundraising obligations.

High School memberships may compete as a Novice in our local regatta, Western Canada Sprints held in June. Additional Fees will apply for this opportunity.

See Fees Notes in the Program Fees section of the main site.


Members are responsible for their own transportation to and from regattas. Many choose to organize carpools among themselves, however, involvement by parents of rowers under the age of 18 is mandatory to ensure the safety and well-being of each participant. Parents of junior members are responsible for the transportation arrangements of their son/daughter. The Parent Coordinator will assist in coordinating arrangements for junior members.


Members are responsible for arranging and paying for the cost of their own accommodation. Members may choose to stay with friends and relatives, camp, or stay in hotels. While the RRC may reserve a block of rooms in a hotel close to the regatta site, it is each member's responsibility to confirm their own reservation with the hotel and to pay their own cost of accommodations.


All junior-aged members (18 and under) must be chaperoned by a parent or responsible adult at out-of-town regattas. Parents, if they wish, may designate another parent to be responsible for their child. The Parent Coordinator is available to assist parents in this area.

Regatta Rules

The following rules pertain to athletes competing for the RRC:

  • Only members in good standing with the RRC will be allowed to compete.

  • Members must act as good ambassadors of the RRC.

  • RRC members under the legal drinking age (in Saskatchewan) will not be allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. A code of conduct will be outlined by coaches.

  • Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated, will be dealt with by the RRC’s Board of Directors and may result in suspension or loss of membership privileges.

  • Regatta expenses must be paid prior to regatta departure.

  • Individuals in a crew are responsible for scratch fees, in addition to entry fees, that result from a race that they enter but do not race. Scratch fees vary by regatta.

  • Members must be in attendance at all boat loading and unloading unless special permission is arranged with the coach prior to the regatta.

  • Junior members may not leave regatta the site without their coach's permission.

  • RRC racing uniforms must be worn when competing.