The Regina Rowing Club in partnership with the Saskatchewan Rowing Association bring athletes together from around the province creating challenging and rewarding training environments. During training, athletes are given the opportunity to develop crews under the guidance of provincial and club coaches from both Saskatoon and Regina. Some of these opportunities include, rowing technique, strength and conditioning, and mental training. In addition, athletes are not only given the opportunity to train and develop with other athletes, but also with some of the best rowing coaches Saskatchewan has to offer. Training takes place in throughout the year at two main locations in our province. This is where the billeting family becomes an important piece in the development of these athletes.

What is Billeting?

Billeting is when a family welcomes a visiting athlete(s) into their home during the duration of training. This Host Family offers a safe place for athletes to call “home.”

Why Billet?

Billeting offers a rewarding and exciting opportunity to families willing to open their homes to visiting athletes. Key benefits to your family, the Saskatchewan Rowing Association and Regina Rowing Club when you volunteer to billet are:

  • Build lifelong relationships with athletes and their families;

  • Assist young athletes by providing a safe and comfortable environment as they train for high performance;

  • Assist the rowing program to lessen expenses, making participation more accessible to all athletes; and

  • Show support for our rowing team, allowing the High Performance Program to be successful.

What is Needed for Billeting?

Billet families should be prepared to provide the following in order to make the rower's stay a comfortable one: 

  • Treat billeted rower(s) as you would want your child treated if he/she were away from home;

  • Inform billeted rowers of your expectations and house rules;

  • Provide transportation to and from the boathouse;

  • Provide family type meals including breakfast (and lunch or supper if required);

  • Provide use of laundry facilities and detergent;

  • Confirm with the rower(s) their allergies, medical conditions, and special dietary needs and support them with these requirements;

  • Support the rower(s), communicate with them, and be understanding;

  • Communicate all concerns regarding the rower to their coach

Key Expectations of the Billeted Rowers are:

  • Show gratitude to the host family for opening their home;

  • Provide information on allergies, medical conditions, special dietary needs;

  • Respect the host family as they would their own parents;

  • Respect the 'house rules' as determined between the billeting family and the rower;

  • When unsure of anything, always ask!