Membership Options with the Regina Rowing Club

Various memberships are available for young, old, competitive, recreational and new to the sport athletes. Membership in the Regina Rowing Club includes a membership in the Saskatchewan Rowing Association and Rowing Canada Aviron.

Memberships are generally split into recreational and competitive categories. Recreational programs target people new to the sport, and those looking for a more relaxed experience with the sport. Recreational members are encouraged to race at the local Sprints regatta. Members in competitive programs have access to more training times per week, enjoy use of the club’s best equipment, and are able to compete at all regattas to which the club travels. Training and race crews are formed by the coaches based on a variety of factors including a rower's age, ability, fitness level, goals, and commitment. Regatta expenses are not included in membership fees.

Competitive Membership

Recreational Membership

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